Accessories: More products, with more features

A wide range of primary adapters, secondary adapters, power cords and protective covers allow our customers to flexibly enhance the mobility, reliability and availability of their products.

Primary adapters

Primary adapters for FRIWO’s easy-to-use interchangeable adapter systems allow products to be used globally and can result in considerable reductions in the cost of logistics. The adapters featuring IP42-certified splash protection, which are available from FRIWO for the FOX system, are a particular highlight.
The IEC adapter (IEC320 C8) offers a standard alternative for countries with different power plugs.

Secondary adapters

All of FRIWO’s standard devices are delivered with a 1.83-meter cable and its tried-and-tested, comprehensive secondary adapter system. A range of easy-to-mount coaxial and jack connectors makes the system extremely flexible for use in a wide range of applications. The required polarity can be achieved by reversing the secondary connector. Custom cables can also be installed. 

Power cords

Together with the DT range and the FOX and GPP interchangeable adapter system from FRIWO, power cords with the IEC320 C7 power plug offer the right solution for every country. All power cords are 2 meters long and suitable for use with the appropriate IEC320 C8 socket.

Protective covers for LED drivers

Protective covers for the LT range from FRIWO offer an easy way to permanently install LED drivers and light control units, while also protecting their electrical contacts.

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