Emerge-display L1E incl. software ACE-5614EC
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The display has all the essential display elements and signal or warning lights that can be... more
Product information "Displays"
The display has all the essential display elements and signal or warning lights that can be expected from an electric vehicle. The display values are updated absolutely without delay and in very high quality.

In addition, we have incorporated features that make the vehicle and the interaction with the driver even more exciting. The bar graph above the speed indicator can be operated variably and enables the display of a wide variety of information, such as the remaining overboost.

The IP67-protected display is splash-proof and can be installed outdoors.
Additional information
  • Supply voltage: 12V
  • Backlite: Yes
  • Center display: Speed, Ride mode, Boost, Temperature, State of charge, Milage, Trip milage
  • Icons (lower edge): Indicators, Low beam, High beam, Charge mode, Low battery warning, On/Off
  • Bottom line: Voltage, Temperature, Time, etc.
  • Buttons: Switch bottom line, Trip reset
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