Back-to-Back Test Bench

Back-to-Back Test Bench

Back-to-Back Test Bench Basic Setup


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With the help of our new Back-to-Back test bench, you can massively shorten your time-to-market... more
Product information "Back-to-Back Test Bench"

With the help of our new Back-to-Back test bench, you can massively shorten your time-to-market for new powertrain software and hardware components through Rapid Control Prototyping. Thanks to the compact setup with flexible configuration possibilities, you can quickly implement adaptations of your own components.

Perform fine-tuning and calibration in real time:

  • Real-time monitoring and calibration of firmware parameters through Enable Tool Application
  • Simulate realistic driving maneuvers through 4-Quadrant torque/speed profiles
  • Precise measurement of the Torque Curve via CAN
  • Get full development freedom by combining with our software development kit (SDK) for functional development and application-level integration

For power supply use a stationary bidirectional DC power supply or for autonomous operation use our FRIWO Battery Pack to be even more flexible.

Choose between setups: 
When deciding upon the Basic Setup, the testbench comes without torque sensor, Analog-To-CAN-Converter and mechanical sensor mounting. Both drivetrains are connected directly via a claw clutch. Choosing the Full Setup all the mentioned components will be delivered directly with the testbench. Optionally, the Basic Setup can be extended subsequently using the Full Setup Extension Package.

Additional information
  • Voltage min. (DC): 20 V
  • Voltage max. (DC): 65 V
  • Current max. (AC): 300 A
  • CAN-Baudrate: 125, 250, 500, 1.000 kBaud/s
  • USB-Bitrate (Virtual-Com-Port): 256 kBit/s
  • Analog Interface: 2x 0...5V (per MCU)
  • Motor Type: Permanent magnet synchronous motor with surface-mounted magnets (SM-PMSM)
  • Current max. (DC): 210 A
  • Electrical Output Frequency max. (MC6000): 1600 Hz
  • Rotor Speed max. (Motor): 6000 1/min (mech.)
  • Repetitive Peak Power @48V: 10800 W
  • Nominal Power @48V: 6240 W
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