Battery Management Systems

Emerge Battery Management System
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Our BMS offers reliable protection and a variety of comfort functions for high-end battery packs.... more
Product information "Battery Management Systems"
Our BMS offers reliable protection and a variety of comfort functions for high-end battery packs. A large number of battery packs have already been tested and certified according to UN38.3 with this BMS.

The programming and adjustment of the BMS is carried out on site by our development & diagnosis software “Enable-Tool”. We have already thought of all applications that occur in real life and deliver the software to carry out firmware updates for battery packs that have already been delivered safely and reliably.
Additional information
  • Cell config (seriell): 10S - 14S
  • Cell config (parallel): 20P
  • Peak current: 65A
  • Functions: Precharge large caps, SOC calculation, perfektes balancing, stats and datalogger
  • Safety: Fuse, Short detection, loss of cell measurement detection, temperature monitoring, overload detection, etc.
  • Communication: CAN, USB
  • Input signals: Keylock/Buttons, Charger
  • Output signals: LED display
  • Dimension: 152mm x 63mm x 12.5mm
  • Weight: 72 g
  • Continuous current: <55A
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Battery Management System Handbook / German

Battery Management System Handbook / English

Volume Model Battery Magement System (STEP File)


Technical Information BMS

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Displays Displays Emerge-display L1E incl. software ACE-5614EC
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