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FRIWO Software Development Kit (SDK) Current SDK Release: v2.1.0.0 Release Date: 02.08.2021... more
Product information "Software Development Kit"

FRIWO Software Development Kit (SDK)

Current SDK Release: v2.1.0.0
Release Date: 02.08.2021

The FRIWO SDK allows you to easily develop your own individual modules as part of the FRIWO E-Mobility products firmware (MCU, BMS and Battery Pack). Thus, it allows you to focus on the application development that is relevant for your scenario or business case. At the same time, you benefit from sophisticated FRIWO basic software. In combination with the FRIWO Enable Tool, the self-developed parameters can be displayed or modified. Your customized firmware can be rolled out to own fleets.


  • Write your own code in ANSI C, as part of the FRIWO firmware.
  • Focus on developing your own applications and USPs:
    • Develop your own hill assist (application: eScooter)
    • Turn your motor control into a fan or pump control
    • Adapt CAN messages to your existing eScooter setup
    • Adapt CAN messages of your FRIWO Battery Pack
    • Use your own algorithms for field oriented control (coming soon)
    • Develop your own State of Charge (SOC) calculation within the BMS (coming soon)
  • Access to new modules to provide even more integration depth and possibilities for customization.
  • Monitor and change your own parameters within the FRIWO Enable Tool.
  • Advanced component protection against misconfiguration.
  • Easy rollout of your customized software for your eScooter fleet (Requirement: The eScooters run with MCU6000).
  • Access to Github Repository with detailed code samples.

Available modules:

  1. Calculation of the desired torque (TRQ_DES module) - [MCU only]
    Function to calculate and define the requested torque from the user to the motor.
  2. Communication module (CAN module) - [BMS + MCU]
    The communication module allows reading and writing of new and existing CAN bus messages.

Please download the Installation Wizard for the FRIWO SDK a little further down on this page under "Documents".

The SDK license key will be sent to your mail address within 2 working days.

Additional information
  • Connectivity: Active online connection
  • System requirements: Microsoft Windows, Dualcore CPU @ 1.8 Ghz, 2GB RAM, 100MB HDD
  • Available modules: Desired Torque Calculation, CAN Communication
  • Variants: 1 User/ 1 Year
  • Currently activated setups: MCU6000, Battery Management System
  • Additionally required software: KEIL MDK V4.7 (Keil version 4.7 is mandatory. Contact Keil Support to get a downgrade)

Document Action

FRIWO SDK Application Guide - CAN Communication

FRIWO SDK Application Guide - Hill Assist


FRIWO SDK Module Description

FRIWO SDK Quickstart Guide

FRIWO SDK V2.1.0.0

FRIWO SDK Variable Description

Service Software Service Software Software License FRIWO Enable Tool Application / 1 User, 1 Year / 1 Project code
From €120.00 *
Motor Controller Motor Controller Motor Control MC6000 (6kW)
From €440.00 *
Back-to-Back Test Bench Back-to-Back Test Bench Back-to-Back Test Bench Basic Setup
€9,990.00 *
14S12P Battery Pack 14S12P Battery Pack BAK N18650CP
From €1,315.00 *
Li-Ion Charger Li-Ion Charger LEV500
From €237.00 *
Drive Unit 5kW Drive Unit 5kW Engine (5kW, 26Nm) + MC6000 (6kW)
From €1,150.00 *
Displays Displays Emerge-display L1E incl. software ACE-5614EC
From €275.00 *
Service Software Service Software Software License FRIWO Enable Tool Application / 1 User, 1 Year / 1 Project code
From €120.00 *
HERC175 HERC175 24V / 5000mA worldwide
From €74.67 *
FOX6-XM FOX6-XM 2nd Gen 5V / 1400mA worldwide
From €8.94 *
FOX40-C - Li-Ion Ladegerät FOX40-C - Li-Ion Ladegerät Medical Li-Ion Charger FOX40-C
From €20.73 *
FOX12-XM-USB FOX12-XM-USB SM-PSU FW8000.1MUSB/05 15.5563.511-00 FRIWO Gerätebau GmbH
From €8.93 *
Service and support Service and support Service and Support / 1 Hour
From €313.50 *
PP8 Ladegeräte Blei PP8 Charger Lead Acid 6V / 900mA wordlwide
From €26.16 *
OF150 ohne U-Profil OF150 24V / 6250mA with U-Profile, worldwide
From €57.97 *
MPP30 Ladegerät Blei MPP30 Charger Lead Acid 12V / 2000mA worldwide
From €47.01 *
MPP15 Lader MPP15 Chargers Lead Acid 6V / 1600mA worldwide
From €35.03 *
GPP36 Ladegeräte NiCd/NiMH GPP36 Charger NiCd/NiMH 2,4V - 14,4V / 4000mA worldwide
From €28.16 *
GPP36 Ladegerät Li-Ion GPP36 Chargers Li-Ion 4,2V / 4000mA worldwide
From €50.46 *
FOX30-C - Li-Ion Ladegerät FOX30-C - Li-Ion Ladegerät FOX30-C, MEDICAL Li-ION charger

On request

FOX12 Medizin FOX12-XM 5V / 2200mA, worldwide
From €10.72 *
MPP15 Ladegeräte NiCd/NiMH MPP15 Chargers NiCd/NiMH 4,8V - 12V / 800mA worldwide
From €32.49 *
FOX30 Medizin FOX30-XM SM-PSU FW8030M/05 15.4582.500-00 FRIWO Gerätebau GmbH
From €21.80 *
UP18 UP18 12V / 1500mA worldwide
From €23.51 *
MPP-Stecker EU Primary adapters MPP system MPP-Plug EU
From €1.73 *
PP 6 PP6 5V / 1000mA, EU-Stecker
From €15.67 *
MPP15 Lader MPP15 charger Li-Ion 8,4V / 800mA Stecker weltweit
From €44.70 *
GPP18 Ladegerät NiCd/NiMH GPP18 Chargers NiCd/NiMH 2,4V - 7,2V / 3000mA worldwide
From €25.23 *
GPP18 Ladegerät NiCd/NiMH GPP18 Chargers Li-Ion 8,4V / 1500mA worldwide
From €49.67 *
FOX6-XM FOX6-XM 5V / 1400mA worldwide
From €16.64 *
FOX5-F-USB FOX5-F-USB 5V / 1000mA EU
From €4.06 *
FOX18-XM FOX18-XM 5V / 3000mA worldwide
From €16.91 *
FOX12-X-USB FOX12-X-USB 5V / 2200mA, worldwide
From €7.13 *
Battery Management Systems Battery Management Systems Emerge Battery Management System
From €104.50 *
Back-2-back Testbench battery lead Back-2-back Testbench battery lead Back-2-back Testbench battery lead
€100.00 *
USB Cables A to C USB Cables A to C USB Cable A to C
From €3.92 *
USB cables A to B USB cables A to B Connection cable from USB power supplies to Micro USB applications
From €2.99 *
UP6 UP6 9V / 660mA worldwide
From €16.33 *
Gerader Texasstecker Texas plug Straight Texas connector
From €0.47 *
Gehäusemontage 2-pin Texas sockets Snap in type 2-pin
From €0.71 *
GPP-Stecker Primary adapters GPP system GPP-Plug EU
From €0.81 *