Motor Controller

Motor Control MC6000 (6kW)
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The Motor Control Unit for brushless electric drives was developed for use in light electric... more
Product information "Motor Controller"

The Motor Control Unit for brushless electric drives was developed for use in light electric vehicles of the new European L1E vehicle class. With a continuous output of up to 6kW, the Motor Control Unit delivers sufficient power to accelerate light electric vehicles confidently through everyday life. For particularly powerful applications and special vehicles, up to 12kw peak power is available. In more than 5 million test kilometers in electric scooter sharing applications, this control has proven to be remarkably robust.

Due to the in-house development of our hardware and software, we can react very flexibly to your customer requirements. The software FRIWO Enable Tool supports you in setting and maintaining our controllers in development, production and aftersales.

For connection to a PC you need a USB cable type "A" to "A". You will find this under "Accessories".

The most important data of the motor control unit at a glance:

General features:
- Machine type: permanently excited synchronous motors (PMSM).
- Control type: Field-oriented control incl. field weakening
- Position sensor: Hall sensor
- Functions: Automatic teach-in function. four travel mode settings, reverse gear, boost function, display control, smartphone app.

Electrical parameters:
- Operating voltage: 14V - 65V
- Phase current: 300A

- Communication: CAN, smartphone connectivity.
- Diagnostic interface: USB, CAN
- Analog inputs: 2
- Digital inputs: 2

Additional information
  • Diameter: 155mm
  • Height: 45 mm
  • Weight: 970 g
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Motor Controller - Software Application Guide

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